What To Expect:

Your 90 minute virtual call will begin with a conversation defining your niche target audience and your unique selling proposition.

We will review your personal profile, your company page, and your LinkedIn settings - because getting these right can make all the difference.

We will focus on the visual appearance (profile pic, tagline, and cover image), your messaging, and the content in each section - making the necessary changes to ensure your profile is optimized for success.

Lastly, we will discuss strategies you can use to make connections, generate leads, and broaden brand awareness ultimately leading to increased sales and business growth!

Following our call, you will receive:

◾ A summary of our call including a list of recommendations discussed

◾ A checklist for optimizing your personal profile

◾ An engagement strategy SOP (Standard Operating Procedure)

◾ A pdf with 18 connection to request templates

◾ A checklist for optimizing your company page


Paulie Rose Consulting

The Foundation: Get Set Up
For Success

You will set up the foundational building blocks necessary for success on LinkedIn: A strong profile page, solid company page, and strategies to implement so you will be ready to generate more leads and grow your business!

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